A New Beginning

  It is really with mixed feelings that I learn that Lucas is going to be Montfort Secondary School. Of course I wished he could have made it back to Catholic High... but that is life. It is what it is. I hope that he will finally learn the lessons of primary school and be able to do better in the future. All the best, Lucas!!

End of PSLE

  It's been a few years again... but I am going to restart it again. In private mode. Lucas is going to secondary school in a few months' time. I think he'll enjoy subjects like History and Social Studies. I just hope for the best!

Back again

It has been a long time since I posted anything. Well, this time, these posts are personal now. Not sure who will end up reading it, but I think I want to document my life and cute's life. Not to forget my beloved wife 😘. But it will not be on social media. Today, I noticed cute's basic football dribbling skill has improved. I keep emphasising to him that foundation skills are important. I hope he remembers this well. Work hard on your footie!!


When to Playeum @ Gillman Barracks and we had a whale of a time. I don't think I need to elaborate too much, but just let the pictures do the talking. And the fact that we stayed there for 4 hours.  Building his car The art and craft area The track for younger kids. You can modify the track.

I think he does not check his papers

The school term is ending and my son has received all his test results. You might have noticed that I said test and not examinations. Primary One students sit for tests that are spread out over the entire semester, and I guess this is the school's way of not stressing these young kids.  Overall, I cannot complain too much about his results. They are quite alright. I have to emphasise (especially to my dear wife) that having a great Primary One result does not mean anything. No teacher will ask for his Primary One results and no employer will ask for his Primary One progress card. My wife is in contact with some mothers who are ridiculously "kiasu". They will discretely ask around for test results. One of them was even checking if her son scored well for a health and physical fitness MCQ test in comparison with other students! Seriously. Anyway, back to my son's results. I am happy with his results, but I think he lacks basic examination skills. He is very car

Crazy essay writing requirements

It's been a long time since I posted anything: it has really been very busy for me. But, I did take out some time to try to help my son with his composition. He has a test this week, and we have been writing. Anyway, I think it is crazy that Catholic High thinks that writing a full composition with details is something that Primary One students can do. But I try my best to guide him; here are some of the essays he has written. There are still some grammar and spelling mistakes, but I think it is pretty impressive that he can write such long essays. I swear I could not do it until I was at least Primary Two. Still pretty crazy expectations! This is a story about food poisoning. This is a story about a disruption in class. I think he should know this topic quite well. The very first one he wrote. Did you see improvements? He has issues with dialogue and keeps on forgetting to end his sentences with full stops. Not to mention past tense. But I will get him ready.

My son's first detention

Recently, my son had his first experience with an "official" tool of punishment - detention. Of course he had been scolded verbally by teachers, for minor offences like talking in class and so on. Many of us were similarly punished before, so I did not blog about it. It was nothing worthy of writing about. However, detention was something very different. Of course, detention in primary school is slightly different from the secondary school. In secondary school, the students stay back in school and cannot even participate in CCAs. This mode of punishment is of course not suitable for primary school children as they are unable to go home on their own. In Catholic High, detention means going to a classroom and reading a book till the last ten minutes or so. Then they are allowed to eat food in the classroom. In other words, the parents need to ensure they have some food to eat. This of course means home-cooked food. Now back to what happened. Actually I think it w